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Our Mission

We place Aloha into action within our Asian Pacific Islander Community by elevating others with a focus on health, sports, arts, education, and community service.

About our Foundation

The Sape Foundation was founded by Lauvale and Sarah Sape in response to the tragic stillbirth of their son. After struggling to conceive for 11 years, this heartbreaking loss forever changed their lives. Lauvale vividly remembers the overwhelming emotions he felt witnessing his wife's pain and holding their lifeless child in his arms. The immense support and love they received during this difficult time inspired them to make a meaningful impact.

Thus, the Sape Foundation emerged with a mission to actively demonstrate Aloha. Their efforts encompass various forms of assistance such as supporting families with medical needs, providing financial aid, supplying essential items, offering scholarships, and more. They take great joy in organizing free Christmas stores for foster children, hosting sports clinics, and distributing school supplies. Even their three boys actively participate by volunteering at events and organizing fundraisers dedicated to helping children.

The Sape Foundation firmly believes in taking action on the ground and getting involved directly with their community. They are committed to serving others with Aloha through hands-on work that truly makes a difference.